Tuesday, June 14, 2016

K Is For Kitties

Each time I give a dairy presentation, you can bet I will get asked this question, "Besides cows, what other animals do you have on your farm?" Gone are the days of farms having a few chickens, a few pigs, maybe some sheep, along with some cows. Now farms typically concentrate on one species of animals. A farmer may choose beef cattle, or pigs, or chickens, or turkeys for instance. We chose dairy cows...and cats.

We were recently blessed with many new additions to our "kitty crew." I'd like you to meet-


Dopey (the goofy one),

Doc (the serious one),

Sneezy (probably hay fever),

Bashful (no explanation needed),

and Happy and Grumpy (their names are inter-changeable depending on their mood).

These "dwarfs" are a great addition to Bremer Farms. There is one problem with having kittens on our farm however. Sometimes our chores take longer. Come on, who could walk by this crew without giving a snuggle, or two? We can't.

See you tomorrow!

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