Wednesday, June 15, 2016

L Is For Local

Did you know milk is local? In just 48 hours milk travels from the farm to the milk plant and then it's off to your grocery store. Our milk goes to Dean's Foods (Land O' Lakes) in Woodbury, Minnesota.

Take a look at the journey milk goes on to get to you and your family-

Did you ever wonder what milk plant your milk comes from?
Each milk jug is stamped with the "use by" date and a 4 or 5 digit code which identifies what milk plant that jug was packaged in. It looks like this...

 You can go to the website Where Is My Milk From and type in this code, and you will find where this milk is bottled. I typed in 27-168. Mine came from the Kemps Plant in Minneapolis, only 20.4 miles from our farm!

See you tomorrow!

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