Hi, we're the Bremer family, and yep, we are Minnesota Vikings fans.

We also love farming, movies, family game nights, and above all, God.

I'm a sixth generation farmer who grew up on a chicken and dairy farm. After graduating from Iowa State University (go Cyclones!), I came back home to Minnesota swearing, "I'll never marry a farmer. Farmers work long hours, and rarely get a day off." Well, as the saying goes, never say never. Farmer John and I were married 35 years ago, and I haven't regretted a day since. After working off the farm as an interior designer, and later as a Title 1 teacher, I comfortably moved into being on the farm full time, helping mostly with fieldwork, (combining corn is my favorite!). When I'm not driving tractor, you'll find me talking or writing about cows, crafting, serving as our Township Treasurer, or serving as the Minnesota State Dairy Princess Coordinator. Have you heard of Princess Kay of the Milky Way? My favorite quote: "If you think you are too small to make an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room." Favorite dairy food: yogurt with fruit!

Even as a little boy, barely knee-high to a grasshopper, John knew he wanted to be a farmer, just like the four generations before him. It's not only his job, it's his passion. It's exciting to have a husband who has never once complained about going to work! His favorite chore on the farm is working with the irrigator, and watching it shower our fields. When he leaves the farm, he is most likely heading off to his church council meetings or leading our Township Planning Commission. When he takes a break, you will find him reading, target shooting, or enjoying the movie Pearl Harbor or a good western. Johns favorite quote: "Leave this world better than you found it." John's favorite dairy food: a big chunk of cheese!

John and I have been blessed with undoubtedly the best kids ever-

I refer to Sara as our life-long learner. After graduating from the University of Minnesota- Morris, she continued to get her Masters degree and several other certifications to teach reading, language arts, and computer technology. She currently heads to our local Middle School where she teaches language arts and coaches the speech team. Her students love her, which is no easy task since she teaches 8th graders! Sara is our evening milker as well as assistant calf feeder. You'll often find her with her nose in a book, or watching a movie, or exploring the next class to take. Did I mention she has a cooking show on our local television station called Aprons Optional?   Sara's favorite dairy food: ice cream, mint to be exact.

"Take A Hike, Mike!" No, I'm not telling him to get lost. It's the name of his TV show. Michael "hiked" to the University of Wisconsin - River Falls where he graduated with a double major in Marketing Communications and Communication Studies. This led him to his full-time job as host and also executive producer at our local television station, where he hikes to after helping with morning milking. On weekends he is the  designated skid steer loader operator and he pitches in wherever needed on the farm. He's a certified drone pilot and loves video games, music, and I'm pretty sure he can recite the entire dialogue of his favorite movies; Ferris Bueller's Day Off and also Ghostbusters. Mike's favorite dairy treat is definitely a chocolate malt!

So why do I blog? Twenty-five years ago, while hosting a tour of our farm, after explaining to the group of students what we do every day to care for our animals and our land, and describing a typical day on the farm that begins at 6:00 AM and ends 14 or more hours later, a 3rd grader asked me, "What is your husband's REAL job?" Many years ago, most people had a few cows or got their milk from a neighbor, but that's not reality anymore. That 3rd graders question really got me to thinking about how important it is for me as a farmer to share our story. So here we are, ready to share would we live and do, in our barnyard.

Welcome to our Barnyard.