Monday, June 13, 2016

J Is For Milk's Journey

Did you know it only takes about 48 hours for milk to go from the farm to your grocery store? What's standardization? Did you know a series of quality tests is run on all milk?  Do you know how pasteurization is done? And why is milk pasteurized? 

How does milk get from here...

to here?

Today I am sharing a short video that answers these questions, and many more, about the journey milk takes from dairy farms like ours, to grocery stores like yours. I hope you'll take four minutes to see the important steps milk takes, and the care everyone along that path takes to ensure milk is safe and good tasting for you and your family.

Also, I'm happy to announce the winner of The Dairy Good Cookbook is-

Congratulations Kiersten! The cookbook will be coming your way this week!

See you tomorrow!

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