Monday, April 6, 2015

A Day Late

I have a potato recipe I want to share with you. I served Roadside Potatoes 
 yesterday as part of our Easter feast with my family.

 (Hey Jan, why didn't you post this before Easter so we could have served them too?)
I rarely publish a recipe on my blog that I haven't tried first. Come to think of it, I have only posted one recipe that I didn't make. The weird thing is...I served my Easter guests these potatoes without trying the recipe...but yet I won't share it with my readers without trying it. Hmmm...

Roadside Potatoes
24 ounces frozen hash browns
1 pint whipping cream
1 cup butter, melted
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup shredded Parmesan cheese

Place hash browns in a 9x13 pan. Cover with Parmesan cheese. Melt butter and stir in whipping cream and salt. Pour mixture over cheese and hash browns. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour or until golden brown on top.

Everything's better with cheese!
photo from Google image search
* I also made a pan using cheddar cheese. Yummy!
** This basic recipe would be great with some additions- I'm going to try onions, or bacon bits, or green peppers, or ham pieces. The possibilities are endless! What would you add?



  1. These look so delicious - is it weird that I'm thinking these would make a good breakfast side too? Thanks for stopping by and linking up with the Country Fair Blog Party!

    1. I agree. A little bacon or breakfast sausage...yummy!