Monday, March 30, 2015

Farmer John Plays Weather Man

Farmers have an weather forecasts.

Farmer John listens to the weather forecast as he gets dressed in the morning, and then again three hours later when he eats breakfast. He tunes in while eating lunch, and then there's the television for the 10 PM news/weather report. And don't forget the weather radio that is perched in our laundry room and another in our milking barn. Did I mention the weather calendar that hangs on the wall?

I'm not complaining however, and no, I'm not ready to start an intervention. I realize how much the weather influences most of the chores Farmer John performs each day. So knowing about John's love for all things weather, imagine his excitement when he found this...

So what is it? Maybe this will help...

Curiosity is supposed to have killed the cat, but as far as I know curiosity never hurt a farmer (John) or his wife (me) so we contacted Anna, one of my faithful blog followers whose husband, Jason happens to be a meteorologist for the National  Weather Service.

Jason told us the white thingy hanging from the string is/was a balloon. When it reaches about 100,000 feet it bursts and the orange parachute takes over and the weather instrument floats down, safely resting in our corn field until John rescued it.

So we filled out the requested information, even though the weather service didn't fill out theirs. I sure wonder where it was sent from. Oh man, there's that curiosity thing again. We popped it into the mailbox to be delivered to Kansas City. Is that where it came from? Oops, curiosity...again.


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    1. Thanks Adriane. For a man obsessed with weather, this was like a gift from God :)

  2. How cool! All farmers really are obsessed with weather, but we love them anyways! Thanks for stopping by and linking up with the Country Fair Blog Party!