Saturday, June 3, 2017

June Dairy Month 2017

We at Bremer Farms, and dairy farms all across the United States are celebrating! Each June we raise our glass in a toast to dairy farming and dairy foods. June Dairy Month is an annual celebration that began in 1937 as a campaign to encourage people to strengthen bones and build a foundation of good health by drinking milk.

I'd like to invite you to take time this month to learn more about dairy. During the month of June I will be sharing the life of our dairy farm family including who we are, what we do, how we share our passion for dairy, and dairy foods and recipes we enjoy. I'll also be introducing you to some of the "stars" of our herd...the ladies that provide us with that milk you had on your cereal this morning, or that cheese on your grilled cheese sandwich you're having for lunch, or perhaps that bowl of ice cream for your bedtime snack. See? You're celebrating too!

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