Thursday, June 8, 2017

Meet Sara...and Bella

School's out for summer! School's out forever! 
Just ask Alice Cooper...
It's not just the students (and Alice) that are excited for summer break. Our daughter Sara is ready for a little time off too. 

Sara taking a selfie as she is speaking at 8th grade graduation.
Sara is an 8th grade language arts teacher who loves teaching, but even a great teacher needs a break...but not for long, as in just one week, she will be back to teach summer school.

But Sara is more than a teacher-
Sara is a passionate, hard-working farmers daughter too.
Each night you will find her in the barn milking cows, along side Farmer John.

Here she is with Bella. Bella has an interesting history, as she was named by past Minnesota Viking player Toby Gerhardt when he visited our farm.

Sara also helps Grandma Karen with the calves, and names and pampers all our cats and kittens.

When she is not at school or in the barn, you may find her hosting her cooking show, "Aprons Optional" on our local television station. Here is a sample- her Mother's Day episode when I got to make a guest appearance.

Teacher, farmer, local TV celebrity- what more can she do? She can make decorations and adorn our farm for the holidays like you wouldn't believe! Take a look-

Farmer John and I are so proud of Sara and her commitment to school, community, and farming.

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