Saturday, June 10, 2017

Meet Michael...and Nina

"Mom always liked me best!" 
I wasn't about to risk hearing this from Sara or Michael, so since I highlighted our daughter Sara this week, today I'd like to feature our son Michael...and Nina. I've shared this photo of Michael and Nina before, but it still makes me smile, and it describes them both perfectly. 

Nina loves people, and giving cow kisses! She will give you a gentle nudge if you don't acknowledge her as you walk by, and don't even think about her leaving the milking barn until she gets a pat on the nose. Michael is a true animal lover, a comedian, and a farm boy any farmer dad would be proud of.

Michael is a champion skid steer driver, scooping da poop every day to keep our cows happy, healthy, and comfortable. 

 Michael is also the morning milker on Bremer Farms, and right after the cows are milked he heads to Hastings to star on "Take A Hike, Mike!" his TV show where he visits local businesses and lends a helping hand. Perhaps I'm using the term helping a bit too liberally, since at the end of each episode he's told to take a hike! Here's a taste of his show where Michael featured our farm-

A farm boy with a TV show! What else? Even though Michael's off-the-farm job is filming and editing productions each day at his job, it's also his hobby. Whether it's filming while flying a drone, filming with a camera strapped to his head, or filming while following his mom around when she narrates a tour of our farm; you can bet he does it well. He's a perfectionist.

God gave us undoubtedly the best kids ever! 

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