Sunday, May 28, 2017

I'm Not Retiring, I'm Reinventing

There have been a lot of changes in my world lately. 

For the past 19 years I have helped students that struggle with reading and math, but this past week was the end of my career as a Title One Instructor. I have chosen to retire. I think my friend Becky said it best, "You're not retiring, you're reinventing." I feel that is a pretty good description of what's happening. Retirement can mean laying on the beach sipping drinks with those little umbrellas, or traveling, or spending time with grand kids. Nope, nope, and nope. For me it means devoting time to other adventures.

One of those adventures came about last January when my responsibilities as the Minnesota Dairy Princess Coordinator increased. Besides the opportunities I mentioned in 12 Good Reasons, I now also organize the May Leadership and Promotion Event that was held this past weekend where the finalists for Minnesota's goodwill ambassador, Princess Kay of the Milky Way, are chosen. I am happy to announce that the dairy farmers of Minnesota will again be represented by twelve dedicated young woman ready to share their passion for the dairy community. 

Introducing the 2017 finalists:
  • Emily Annexstad, 19, St. Peter, daughter of Rolf and Jean Annexstad, and representing Nicollet County;
  • Anna Broll, 19, Chaska, daughter of Dan and Kathie Broll, and representing Carver County;
  • Shelby Campbell, 19, Maple Lake, daughter of LeRoy Campbell and Donna Decker, and representing Wright County;
  • Gina Holdvogt, 19, Freeport, daughter of Alvin and Bernie Holdvogt, and representing Stearns County;
  • Abby Hopp, 19, Chatfield, daughter of Doug and Heather Hopp, and representing Fillmore County;
  • Madelin Lindahl, 20, Lindstrom, daughter of Kevin and Tara Lindahl, and representing Chisago County;
  • Quinci Scherber, 23, Rogers, daughter of John and Staci Scherber, and representing Hennepin County;
  • Rebecca Schubert, 18, Rice, daughter of Natalie and Jerome Schubert, and representing Benton County;
  • Margaret Socha, 18, Corcoran, daughter of Michael and Donna Socha, and representing Wright County;
  • Samantha Traxler, 18, Cleveland, daughter of Brian and Patty Pettis, and Brian and Heather Traxler, and representing Le Sueur County;
  • Ashley Warren, 19, Watkins, daughter of John and Carol Warren, and representing Meeker County; and
  • Jessaca Zuidema, 19, Blomkest, daughter of Jan and Jolene Zuidema, and representing Kandiyohi County.

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