Friday, December 6, 2013

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

Minnesota Viking, Toby Gerhart!
Well, Toby (we are on a first name bases already) is not really coming for dinner, but he is coming for a visit to our farm later this month! How did this happen? Do you remember the Show Your Pride contest we entered? The contest guidelines were to enter a photo that shows our support for Fuel Up To Play 60 and the National Football League. Our prize? A visit from an NFL player! And our family is thrilled to have Toby Gerhart come to visit!

So now we need your help...If you were to meet a National Football League player, what would you ask him?  If you are a farmer, what would you show him on your farm and what part of farming would you take this opportunity to explain? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks! 
And Toby, if you are reading case you decide to stay for dinner...what is your favorite food? I'll set an extra place at the table, just in case!


  1. Thanks to Greenway Pork for your suggestions via Twitter. We will certainly show our passion for animal care and producing safe food! Whether it be a dairy farm or a hog farm, we have the same passions!

  2. Thanks Ruth L. on Face Book. We will show Toby the "nursery barn, where it all begins." What's cuter than a baby calf?