Thursday, December 12, 2013

This And That Thursday - 10

A little bit of this and a little bit of that- here's what we've been up to. 

Minnesota weather seemed more like Santa's homeland, the North Pole, this week. We barely saw temperatures above 0 degrees. Our water pipes that carry the water from our plate cooler to our water tanks for the cows, felt the cold too. You can read about this process at Every Day Is Earth Day. Farmer John was greeted several mornings by frozen pipes that needed convincing to make the water flow.  

I would bet that most mom's can relate to this when preparing for company....doing a few extra jobs that have been "put on the back burner" for quite some time, seem to get done. Most people work best with a deadline and our farm is no exception. We are preparing for our visit from Minnesota Viking Toby Gerhart this coming week. I truly believe that our farm is always well kept and clean, but when entertaining a celebrity, and hosting news media, we look at everything with a very critical eye. Wish us luck as we finish our preparations. We may not have the biggest or newest farm, but you can bet that we have huge pride and passion for dairy farming!

Lastly, I am thrilled that the announcement was made this week that the popular Fuel Up To Play 60 program is sticking around for another five years after the National Dairy Council and National Football League renewed their partnership of the nation’s largest in-school wellness program. Thanks to our Minnesota Vikings for their involvement. Read about their involvement at a playground.

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