Wednesday, January 23, 2019

You Bet Farmers Recycle!

Rolls of plastic 96' x 120'

These bags hold silage (cow food).

This plastic, held down by old tires, will cover this hay to keep it fresh for the cow's dinner.

Neatly tucked in big bags to head off to recycling.

We try to be as sustainable as possible on our dairy farm. Since 2015, our county has provided seasonal pick-up for recycling plastic silage bags, bunker covers, and bale wrap as an alternative to just adding it to our dumpster or burning it (yikes, not allowed). Farmer John and I recently attended a meeting to learn that this is no longer seasonal, but a year-around program!

Farmers are supplied with huge 8' x 10' plastic bags that will hold 300 pounds of our used plastic. It will then be picked up from our farms and transported to a facility to be made into more bags. Last year 24,000 pounds of agriculture plastic was collected and recycled. The numbers will be even higher this year since it becomes a year-around program. Thanks Dakota County for providing this important program to the agriculture community at no charge.

Recycling plastic isn't all we do to be responsible and sustainable. You can read about other efforts on our farm here- 
and here too-

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