Thursday, June 25, 2015

V Is For Versatile

I'm taking you on a journey from A to Z throughout June Dairy Month.
So come on in...the barn doors are open!
  V Is For Versatile

"Versatile-able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities"
Today's post was supposed to be all about tractors; how we use them, and how they adapt to help with most of the chores and fieldwork we do here on Bremer Farms. That's where versatile comes in.
 Instead, I'm taking a twist and sharing with you how versatile farmers need to be. Here's what happened today...

Thanks to the cooperative weather, Grandpa Roy cut down a lot of alfalfa so that we could begin baling. Normally we would be well into the baling process, but since we have had rain nearly every other day, (not ideal conditions to dry the hay before baling) we have been chopping the hay. While Roy continued cutting, Farmer John began baling. Today he made round bales.

Did I mention daughter Sara has been gone attending a Google Camp in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?  It's a week long camp for teachers, and it's devoted to using new technology in the classroom. We are thrilled she had the opportunity to attend, but since she is one of our evening milkers, adjustments needed to be made. No biggie...we're versatile! Son Michael has been coming home early from his job at the TV station to fill in for Sara. 

After evening milking, our family usually sits down to dinner about 7:30, but not tonight. After milking John and Michael picked up the round bales from the field to bring to the hay shed. Take a peek-

Since they were busy in the hay field, after I returned home from attending a dairy meeting,  I hopped on the lawn mower and cut the grass. All the rain we have been blessed with makes our yard look green and lush, but it's growing like crazy!

So at 9:30 we finally sat down to a gourmet meal of hot dogs and salad.
When folks ask me what a typical day on the farm is like, I have a difficult time finding an answer. Every day is different. We're versatile... like our tractors!

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