Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Have you seen the #LikeAGirl commercial that was shown during the Super Bowl? If you haven't, take a look...

I like the "girls can do anything" feel of this commercial, and that is certainly true on Bremer Farms every day, and especially today.

Farmer John and son Michael came down with a nasty case of the flu bug last night. Of course when you are farmers it is impossible to call your boss and declare a sick day, and you certainly can't just roll over and  pull the blankets over your head pretending this day is not happening. 

Daughter Sara led the charge, and off to the barn she went. Typically Sara is our evening milker, but today she stayed home from her teaching job, to come to our rescue for morning chores. She and our employee Reba milked while Grandma Karen fed the calves. After a quick breakfast, Sara and I did the feeding. We repeated the process again in the afternoon.

 Did you notice everyone involved in today's chores was a female? Yes, #LikeAGirl is on the farm too. And we are proud of it. Guy or girl, you can bet our animals get the best care possible, even on "sick" days!

By the way...
Farmer John has more than the flu bug. He will be spending a few days in the hospital recuperating from a painful bowel obstruction. Not exactly the vacation he was hoping for.

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