Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Our Herd Increases

There is a baby boom at Bremer Farms!
We have had 28 calves born in 26 days.

 Each calf weighs about 90 pounds and can stand and walk, all within minutes of being born. Our newborn calves are fed colostrum, which is the first milk from the mama cow. Calves receive colostrum within hours of birth to receive antibodies from their mom, which protect them against disease in their early life. During the cold winter months each calf is outfitted with a coat to help them stay warm and comfortable.

 Like snowflakes, no two calves have exactly the same pattern of spots. This little cutie, although red and white is still a Holstein. Typically Holstein cows and calves are black and white, however the red and white Holsteins are a product of recessive genes. Do you see the black spot to the right of this calf? That's her calf coat...the coat that is supposed to keep her warm. Yep, this little stinker shimmied out of it, but not for long. After this picture was taken, she was bundled up again. We want our babies to be comfy!

Speaking of increasing the herd-

Here is the newest additions to my "indoor" herd. Since we live on a dairy farm, cows just keep appearing! Family and friends see them, and before you can say "Moo" they are in my hands. You see, if you know me, you know I love cows, and sometimes it's nice to enjoy the kind you don't have to feed or clean-up after! Thanks to church friends Turney and Ruth, co-worker Barb, and cousin Alex for the new bovines!


  1. LOVE the red & white! How many babies are heifers?

    1. The odds are in our favor. Of the 28 calves born, 18 are heifers and 10 are bulls. Just like you, I also have a soft spot for the red and whites.