Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mom Was Right, Cows Are Cool!

Hi, I'm Julie. Meet my mommy Cindy, and my daddy Jon. 
People say I am pretty cute, and who am I to argue?

My daddy grew up in the city, and my mommy grew up on a dairy farm. Mommy's dad (my grandpa) doesn't have cows anymore, and mommy thought it was time for me to meet my first cow.

Mommy said, "Let's get a closer look." Daddy wasn't sure, but I trust mommy since she grew up around cows.

The cows at Bremer Farms are really friendly and gentle. 

This cow wanted to give me a kiss. Ewww...cow slobber!

This is fun! I smiled at the cows and I'm pretty sure they smiled back at me.
 I really liked meeting the cows.  Mommy was right, cows are cool!

Have you ever been to a farm? There is no better way to learn about cows than to visit a farm and meet a farmer. 


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