Monday, November 17, 2014

I've Become A Couch Potato

I like to keep busy. I rarely sit down to watch T.V. without something in my hands to do. Whether it be a magazine, craft project, bills to pay, clothes to fold- you name it, I'm never without something in my hands when I sit down to take in my favorite shows, until now.

I've become a couch potato!

My story requires a little background, so bear with me. Two years ago I took a nasty fall in the milking barn. While getting from point A to point B, I hooked my foot on the railing going down the steps into the milking pit where we stand to milk the cows. It hurt like a son-of-a-gun. Since I have a bit of stubbornness in me, I chalked it off to pulled muscles and refused to go to the doctor to get my knee and leg examined.

Fast forward to this September, 23 months later. While stepping out of my mini-van I heard a "pop" and something sure didn't feel right. Again, another  son-of-a-gun moment. Learning my lesson from my barn fall, I put my stubbornness aside and went to the doctor to discover that my step from the mini-van caused me to finish-off the torn meniscus and torn ACL that happened in my barn fall.

Last Thursday I had surgery to "clean-up" the meniscus.

Daughter Sara was my chaperone on surgery day and bought me a "recovery monkey."
Since the ACL is "too far gone" to repair, I am a candidate for knee replacement surgery, sooner rather than later. My surgeon recommends waiting until I'm older since knee replacements don't last forever. Well, there's a plus...I have been referred to as "too young." 

So here I sit, a couch potato...

elevating, icing, and exercising. 

And that pile of magazines, craft projects, bills to pay, and clothes to fold that I thought I would do while recovering...yep, still sitting next to me.


  1. Oh I just came across your blog I do hope you are doing better. I have had a few of those barnyard falls and I do think they add up then one day....well you know. Hope all is better and you can get around. Take care. B

    1. I'm glad you stumbled across my blog. It's always exciting to make a new friend, especially one who can relate to the "dangers" of barn falls. Stay safe!