Saturday, September 6, 2014

Good-Bye Old Friend

Earlier this week the Minnesota State Fair closed its gates for another year, but my family hopped on the bus several times during its 12 day run to experience the fun and excitement. Come along as I share a few of our adventures.


Some days at the Fair begin with a little work, and I use the term "work" very loosely. For several years I have been asked to judge 4-H demonstrations. I love evaluating the 4-Her's presentations, and each year I am amazed at what I learn about their projects!
 After lunch and some chocolate milk refueling, it was off to watch the parade.

  We waved hello to this years Princess Kay of the Milky Way, Jeni Haler.

And yes, dairy farmers occasionally drink something other than milk. We made soda cans with our names on. No fighting over whose can is whose.

Then it was time to play detective. Since my dad passed away one year ago, and he was a huge Fair fan and supporter, our family felt it was appropriate to donate something to the Minnesota State Fair. Ta-da! The Glen Brown memorial bench!

What's a Fair without food? Time to support the hog farmers with some unbelievable maple flavored "bacon on a stick."

Son Michael and I rubbed elbows (almost) with celebrity Garrison Keillor of Praire Home Companion.
When Farmer John and I go to the Fair, part of our time is spent talking dairy. Each year we volunteer in the Moo Booth. With most people two to three generations removed from farming, this is our chance to answer questions that may have been answered by their farming relatives in the past. 

Farmer John and I were also presented with a special Champion for Dairy ribbon in acknowledgment of our 15+ years of volunteering to answer questions and share our love for the farming life we love.
Before heading home to milk our cows, we always check out the...

Our neighbor, and Princess Kay finalist, Gabriella Sorg was having her likeness carved in butter. You can learn about the Butterhead process here.

My family and I are always sad to see the Fair come to a close. Thank goodness we take lots of pictures to help us relive the memories. Until next year...good-bye old friend!

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