Friday, September 12, 2014

A New Dining Table

We have a new dining table!
 I love to shop, but this new table didn't allow me to 
head to my favorite furniture store to choose one. 
No, this table is for our milking herd.

It is time for "out with the old,"

and "in with the new!"

You may have noticed that the "old way" has an auger system running down the center of the dining table, and there is nothing but feed as the new table's centerpiece. I'll start from the beginning, so you can see how our new dining table came to be and how it works.

Every table needs a strong, level set of legs, so the first step was to pour a new concrete base, or table top.

Next the new belt-style feeding system is installed. With our "old way" the auger was at our cow's eye level, and the "new way" has the belt mounted overhead. See the shiny silver and red? That's where it is.

Then, just like before, the chute is installed at the other end. 
This is where the TMR (total mixed ration) wagon pulls up 
to unload the feed into the new bulk feeder. 
So what's in the TMR wagon?
You can learn about the feed at 120 Hungry Mouths To Feed.

 And there you have it. Our new dining table is complete and ready for it's first dinner guests. Ladies...come and get it!

We keep our cows well fed and healthy so they can continue to make milk for you, and me!

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