Friday, January 18, 2013

Creative Gift Giving

My daughter Sara is so creative when it comes to gift giving. Her Christmas gift to dad John was a mozzarella cheese making kit, with the promise that she would help make the cheese using the milk from our cows. This past weekend it was mission accomplished. Welcome to our cheese "factory."
After pasteurizing the milk, the enzyme and coagulant were added.

The curds were separated from the whey. 
Curds are drained and pressure was added to remove the remaining whey.

Microwaved in short increments to 135 degrees in preparation for stretching.

Shaped and ready for cooling.
Placed in ice water to set the shape.
After 10 minutes, the cheese is ready for grating.
A perfect topping for home-made pizza!
One gallon of milk made about nine ounces of mozzarella
It took about one hour to make and it tasted great!  
Ahhhh...the power of cheese!
Have you ever made cheese? How did it go for you?

FYI- Sara ordered the cheese making kit through Amazon.


  1. Hey i believe that crust your using looks like a delicious schwans starter crust! Looks like an awesome pizza!

  2. You're right Jeremy! You sure know your pizza crusts! We love the taste and the convenience. The pizza was devoured in the blink of an eye. ;)