Monday, January 14, 2013

Move Over Oscar, Leibster's Here!

Ready for the Red Carpet
While others were waiting to see who would be nominated for an Oscar from the Academy of Motion Pictures, I was already celebrating my own victory. Thanks to Ryan Bright I have been nominated to receive the Leibster Award. The Leibster Award is a way to help bloggers interact and increase their networks, readership and just have fun. The point of the Leibster Award is to encourage fellow bloggers and to build a larger social community. It is awarded to bloggers, by bloggers, with a following of fewer than 200 people. With that said, I have to tell you 11 random facts you may not know about me, answer Ryan's 11 questions and create 11 questions for the 11 bloggers I intend to nominate. 

So here are the 11 Random Facts about me that hopefully will not come back to haunt me some day...
1. Most of my blog posts are created after  11:00PM when my family is fast asleep.
2. I finally tasted my first PB&J sandwich last year. They aren't too bad.
3. My biggest pet peeves are poor grammar and bad speelling spelling.
4. I have a fierce fear of heights. Skydiving? No thank you!
5. My guilty pleasure is the TV show "Glee."
6. I don't know how to swim, even though we have a pool in our backyard.
7. I love dill pickles, the more sour, the better!
8. I'm happiest when I am with family (most of the time).
9. I graduated from Iowa State University, with a degree in Interior Design.
10. I frequently get told that my sister and I look alike, but I then correct them by saying I am the younger, prettier one.

Now on to the 11 Questions from Ryan Bright... 
1. If you were stranded on a desert island with only a solar powered refrigerator and you could choose an endless supply of only one dairy product, which one would it be? Milk, without a doubt!
2. If you were a farm animal you would want the farmer to...? Rub me behind my ears, since animals can't reach that spot.
3. What's your favorite app on your smartphone/tablet? Twitter
4. After blowing your first two wishes on a bowl of hot wings and something cold to wash it down with, what would you ask the genie for your third and final wish? A napkin. I never eat without one, seriously, never.
5. Because you're such an informed and influential blogger your Senator just called and asked if there were any laws you thought should be either repealed or amended. What do you tell them? In Minnesota it is illegal to tease skunks. Do we really need a law for that?
6. After being hired as a consultant on a new online reality blogger show your first task is to come up with a name for it and you tell them what? "The Big Blog Theory"
7. Where do you come up with your best blog ideas? Around the kitchen table during family meals.
8. Your favorite fictional or historical character is going to guest post on your blog. Who are they and what are they going to write about? Noah, from the Bible and I'd like him to write about keeping animals happy and healthy in confined quarters.
9. What's your favorite hobby? Reading, suspense and mystery.
10. If you didn't have (fill in the blank) you'd be lost. God in my life
11. What is your most useless talent? I like to think all me talents are useful.

Here are my 11 Questions for my nominees... 
1. What three words describe your personality?
2. Besides your family and your blog, what are you most proud of?
3. What is your favorite outdoor activity?
4. Someday I want to visit_____________
5. What is the one thing you bought that you wish you hadn't?
6. What drives you to write your blog?
7. If you had to change your occupation, what would you choose?
8. Swiss or cheddar?
9. What television show would you like to be on, and why?
10. What was the best gift you ever received?
11. Do you have a favorite quote? What is it? 

And now, the moment you have been waiting for. Check them out.
I nominate...
Spotted Cow Review 
The House Ag Built 
Tales of a Kansas Farmer
Heim Dairy 
Life on a Real California Dairy Farm 
Darin's Ramblings 
Days of the Weeks 
My Cows and Pigs 
Dairy Moos 
Gardens, Combines and Memories 
City Chic on a Farm 

Also thanks to Ryan Bright for nominating me and my barnyard!


  1. Great answers! You are truly deserving of the award! :)

    1. Thanks for the thought provoking questions. You really made me earn the honor. It was worth it though. Lots of fun!

  2. Thanks Jan! I'll answer my nominee questions soon!

    Sherry of CityChicOnAFarm

    1. Great! Tweet me when they are up. I'm anxious to read them.

  3. I too will try to post some answers soon! Just returned from AFBF conference in Nashville, so trying to catch up!

  4. Great, Carrie! Can't wait to learn about you and your blog. Let me know when your answers are up. How was Nashville?

  5. I have been neglecting my blog for the past few months and Just realized your comment! Thank you for the nomination :)) I have enjoyed reading your posts.

    1. Thanks Ellen. You are still deserving, no matter when you saw the comment!