Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Cookbook Without Pictures?

When you buy a new cookbook, do you buy one with only words, or one with  recipes and the pictures to see the finished product? I like the pictures of the finished, delicious goodness too.

What was I thinking? Yesterday when I posted "Say Cheese" I didn't have a photo. Guess what I made for lunch today? Yes, Fabulous Pizza Cassorole! I even managed to snap a quick photo before my family dug in. 

Some added thoughts about the recipe-  The jar of pizza sauce that is called for in the recipe is 14 oz. I use Jimmy Dean brand Italian sausage. Don't have Italian sausage on hand? Try hamburger with a little Italian seasoning added. My faithful blog follower, Judy asked if I had tried hash browns rather than zucchini. I haven't, but I would think it would work. If you give hash browns a try, please add a comment to my post. It's always fun to share!

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