Monday, September 24, 2012

Purple Pride

 I love the Minnesota Vikings. Win or lose, I love the Vikings. Yesterday, in celebration of Michael's birthday, we went to the Metrodome to cheer on our Purple People Eaters. Let me back track a bit. Michael's birthday is in October and last year we said we would celebrate with a trip to Michael's first ever in-person Vikings game. Not being able to decide on a game last season, he opted to wait for the San Francisco 49er's this Fall. The wait was well worth it!

The team arrives from the Vikings ship
Vikings play on to victory 24-13

Besides the Vikings victory we can also celebrate the involvement that the Minnesota Vikings have in the fuel up to play 60 program which is a collaboration with the National Dairy Council and the NFL to encourage exercise and healthy eating choices. Click on the link to learn more. Skol, Vikes!


  1. P.S. Sara was invited too. She's just not much of a football fan. She chose to stay home and grade English essays! That's what teachers do on their day off.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm especially proud to be a Vikings fan this season. It's always more fun to root for a winning team!