Saturday, August 11, 2012

I'm Having An A-FAIR!

My Jersey heifer Bonnie and I at the Washington County Fair - 1968
True confessions...I'm having an A-FAIR! It's a love A-FAIR with County Fairs! I think I have my parents to blame for this County Fair addiction. My mom and dad were superintendents of various departments at the Washington County Fair ever since I was a baby. Dad served as the chairman of the Fair Board for many years too. Washington County is also where I spent my 11 year 4-H career. After marrying John, my love A-Fair continued in Dakota County where Sara and Michael spent their many 4-H years and I served as a 4-H Leader. For nearly 30 years I have been staying connected to County Fairs by "working" as a judge for 4-H and open class exhibits and demonstrations at several fairs. There is too much to enjoy to refer to this as "work". I love staying connected to 4-H and County Fairs! Another true confession... I have passed on my addiction to Sara and Michael, as they also judge at County Fairs. 

After judging this week, I spent some time seeing some of my favorite sites at the Dakota County A-FAIR.

Dakota County Dairy Princesses Janna, Maggie, Beth

Ryan H. and his 4-H beef

Hannah L. and Abigail G. Youth-In-Action 4-H demonstration

In just 2 weeks I will begin judging 4-H demonstrations at the State Fair! True confessions...I have a love A-Fair with the Minnesota State Fair Too!

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