Monday, August 13, 2012

One Thousand Thank You's

Blog writers, also known as bloggers, have access to statistics about their blog.  I began sharing My Barnyard View with you on May 12th, and on August 12th I had reached 1,000 views! That means my blog has been read one thousand times! 

Why do I write a blog? I enjoy writing and sharing my story. I was told many years ago by my high school English teacher, write what you know. That must have been one of the days I was paying attention in class because that tidbit of knowledge stayed with me. I know farming. I know we take good care of our animals. I know we take good care of our land. I know we are committed to providing you with safe, high quality milk and dairy products. I know I love life, both on and off the farm. 

If you have learned something about dairy or farming, tried one of my recipes, savored one of my adventures, or gotten a chuckle from My Barnyard View, I ask that you invite others to come along on the journey. Please share my blog address with them.

I thank all of you for joining me as I travel through News, Moos and Reviews. In celebration of one thousand page views, join me and my family in a milk toast, "Here's to another thousand views on My Barnyard View." I think I see a milk mustache!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Susan. You have been a great inspiration!

  2. Congratulations on reaching your 1,000 views-blogging milestone!

  3. Thanks! Is this what it's like to win an Oscar or an Emmy?