Thursday, August 9, 2012

Santa Lives In Our Neighborhood

Santa lives in our neighborhood! He has traded in his sleigh for a Honda 4 wheeler, replaced his red suit with a plaid shirt and jeans, and even shaved off his beard, but I know he is Santa Claus. Just like children, we eagerly await his arrival in August. August? Yes, our Santa is named Bob and he delivers his home-grown sweet corn to family and friends. He grows it "for fun" to share with all of us. After many meals of fresh buttery corn on the cob, the remainder of our gift is frozen to enjoy year round.

12 dozen ready to be made into Buttery Frozen Corn
 Buttery Frozen Corn

10 cups corn (about 20 ears)
1/2 cup butter
2 Tablespoons sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons salt

Cut corn from cob. Do not 
blanche. Add butter, salt and sugar. Boil 3 minutes. Cool and package for freezer.

I read a tip in a magazine many years ago. It read to stand the ear of corn in the center cone of an angel food pan to easily cut off the kernels which then fall into the pan. I tweaked it slightly by standing the angel food "cone" in a large bowl, which is large enough to accommodate the 10 cups needed for this recipe. Do you have any kitchen tips to share? Please add them to the comments, for all of us to enjoy.

Sara and I added 15 quarts of corn to the freezer this morning. Guess what Santa Bob brought this afternoon? It's yellow and tasty...


  1. Beautiful corn and great idea using the angel food pan!

    1. Thanks! I wish you lived closer so I could share some with you. I'm praying for drought relief for you! Using the angel food pan makes the job so much easier, and faster too. My cheese knife works great for this task.