Thursday, June 30, 2016

V Is For Volunteer

Tonight Bessie and I did a bit of volunteering.

Bessie and I were invited to an activity for United Way of Hastings. United Way describes itself as neighbors helping neighbors, right here in the community you live in. (I love this!) Their mission is to "collaborate with other organizations, identify root causes, and solve our most crucial community needs."

How could Bessie and I possibly say no to an organization that is all about improving the lives of my fellow community members. 

In the spirit of June Dairy Month, United Way held an ice cream social for the organizations it supports. Bessie and I were invited to talk dairy,  hand out dairy recipes and everyone got a dairy filled goodie bag. We also thanked everyone for enjoying dairy foods. Bessie even reminded folks of the importance of  #Dairy3forMe.

I really enjoy the opportunity to visit with new friends about dairy farming. I appreciate all the great conversations. I hope everyone left tonight knowing I am a dairy farmer passionate about what I do, and also knowing how much I appreciate them consuming our healthy and good tasting dairy foods. 

Thank you Mari and the United Way crew, for letting me be a part of your event. Also, thanks for what you and the supporting organizations do for my neighbors in Hastings.
Happy June Dairy Month!

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