Saturday, April 25, 2015

Waiting But Not Resting

A half inch of rain was just enough to keep Farmer John from Spring planting yesterday and again today. We are not complaining about this delay however, since the moisture is necessary as our area of Minnesota is still in a moderate drought.

When the weather is right it will be business as usual and John, and nearly every farmer, will be back in the tractor seat. Chances are John will be back at planting tomorrow right after church.

Our barley, peas, and oats have already been planted and now we move on to the corn. Last Spring I shared with you about how Farmer John was Waiting To Get His Hands Dirty. You can read about Johns anticipation and the dollars and cents that go into planting our corn crop each year. 

So what happens when we can't plant today?
There are still calves to feed,

 and cows to feed,

and pens to clean...

 and cows to milk,

so that we can continue to provide you with milk for tomorrow mornings cereal.

Fun Farm Fact:
It takes less than 48 hours for milk to get from the farm to your grocery store.
Isn't that amazing?


  1. There is always work to be done. Hope you all are in the field now and getting your corn planted. We have been wet too here in MO, but have had four good days of planting.
    Laurie - Country Link

    1. Thanks for stopping by Laurie. Corn planting has begun, I'm glad to say. Rain again yesterday delayed planting, but hey, we're not complaining. Good luck with your planting!