Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Decorating Bug Bit Hard!

The "decorating bug" bit Sara...hard!

Daughter Sara loves the holidays...and celebrating...and decorating, and this Christmas, decorating fever really hit! Sara decorates our front yard for each holiday. Witches, ghosts and pumpkins make an appearance for Halloween. Turkeys and pilgrims adorn our yard each Thanksgiving. Sara shares the love with hearts and cupids for Valentines day. St Patrick's Day, Easter, Independence Day...yep, decorations for all!

This Christmas you will see Santa on a tractor, Santa on a skid steer loader, snowmen, penguins having a snowball fight, elf on the shelf (of course), and dinosaurs (who knew?) all helping us celebrate. And that's only a few of the 51 characters perched in our yard.

And did I mention there's a light show synced to music? 
Yep, Sara doesn't skimp when it comes to decorating!

So if you're in our neighborhood, stop by, tune your radio to 88.9, 
and enjoy the show, and who knows, Santa and his elf 
may just be handing out candy canes!

Thanks to Dairy Star for featuring Sara and her holiday display in their December 13th issue, and a big thank you to them for these great photos!

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