Monday, December 22, 2014

Every Day AGvocate

I just got home from the YMCA.
 That's where I go for torture physical therapy (PT)
to recover from my darn knee surgery.

You may be noticing my tired eyes, messy hair, or the exhausted look on my face after therapy, but that's not what a lady in the PT waiting area noticed.

She noticed the cow and BREMER FARMS on my jacket.

 "Are your cows nice? Can you pet them? How do they stay warm in the winter? Isn't it a big job being a dairy farmer?
That's how our lengthy conversation began.

Who knew I would be an AGvocate today?
I did. Just like every other day!
I just never know where and how the opportunity will arise.

AGvocate defined: anyone who advocates for the agriculture industry, anyone who supports the agriculture industry or works to tell the agriculture story is an agvocate. (

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