Thursday, June 26, 2014

T Is For Tour

It's June dairy Month! The barn doors are open, 
so join me on my daily A to Z journey 
to learn more about dairy. 
  Today T Is For Tour
Have you ever visited a dairy farm? 

My parents, and grandparents, and all of my aunts and uncles were dairy farmers. So besides living on a farm, whenever my family visited our relatives, we always went to a farm. Didn't everyone have relatives that were farmers? Nowadays, most people are two or three generations removed from farming, meaning most folks have never been on a farm.  

Today you are going to visit a dairy farm! Now I can't expect all of you to visit us here at Bremer Farms, so through the magic of television (and the internet) I'm doing the next best thing and inviting you to a virtual tour of several dairy farms. No need to pack your bags, just sit back, relax, click on the links below, and enjoy your visit!

Also my friend, Midwest Dairy Registered Dietician, Stephanie Cundith shares some ama-ZING spreads to spice up your sliders!

Stephanie with the hosts of "Twin Cities Live"

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