Wednesday, June 18, 2014

N Is For Newborn Calves

It's June Dairy Month! The barn doors are open, 
so join me on my daily A to Z journey 
to learn more about dairy. 
  N Is For Newborn Calves
Hi, I'm Paddy.
I'm only 4 days old! I weigh about 90 pounds and can stand and walk, all within minutes of being born. A newborn calf is fed colostrum, which is the first milk from a cow. I received colostrum within hours of birth to receive antibodies from my mom, which protect me against disease in my early life.
You can call me Ursala!
Each of us lives in our own pen, in a solar building. The word "solar" means the sun provides the heat and the light for the building. After birth, we calves are separated from our mothers to ensure the best individual care and monitoring for me and my mom! I will live in my own pen for 2-3 months.
Howdy, I'm Hilde! 

We are fed every morning and every evening. Each calf has 2 buckets on the front of our pen, one for milk and one for feed. We like to drink warm milk. When finished, we get lots of fresh water to drink too. The youngest calves get special feed made from corn, oats and molasses. It smells really good! The older calves get feed without molasses, but they must really like it, because they moo a lot until they get fed!"
Bremer Farms Calf Hotel 

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