Thursday, October 3, 2013

This And That Thursday- 3

It's raining right now, and the forecast is for rain through Saturday. It's a farmers dream come true! Even though we are still chopping silage this week, we are glad to take a few days off so the moisture can replenish the soil. We are now about half through our silage chopping.Two days with a broken chopper didn't speed up the project either. We should be finished next week.

Upper left- fresh silage. Lower left and right- silage covered with plastic.
Our bunker is 75' long with a concrete wall down the center. One side is completely full of silage and covered with plastic, which is held down with tires to keep the plastic in place. The opposite side is about one third full. This silage makes for good "eats" for the cows.

You never know what we are up to at Bremer Farms! Michael and I are setting the stage for our Show Your Pride photo entry. You can see our entry, and vote (each and every day) at Fuel Up To Play 60 Show Your Pride. Our entry shows our purple pride for our Minnesota Vikings. Thanks for your vote!

Learn more about Fuel Up To Play 60 here.

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