Tuesday, October 15, 2013

That's Good Milk!

Connoisseur- an expert judge in the matter of taste, yep that's my son Michael. When it comes to the taste of chocolate milk, Michael is the expert, so when daughter Sara brought home non-refrigerated chocolate milk, Michael was a bit doubtful. "That's good milk!" said Michael, after Sara convinced him to give it a try.

Hershey's is one of many producers of un-refrigerated milk.
But how come this milk can be stored on the cupboard shelf rather than the refrigerator? This milk goes through a process called UHT or Ultra High Temperature. This means that milk has been pasteurized at a higher temperature, but for a shorter time, to preserve taste and the 9 essential nutrients we get from milk. It is then packaged in shelf safe cartons that keep out air and light, keeping milk a safe, nutritious beverage that we can enjoy anytime, anywhere. And according to Michael, the connoisseur of chocolate milk, "That's good milk!"
 UHT Milk Vs Pasteurization 

To learn more about shelf safe milk, go to Milk Unleashed. Also check out  Real Seal to learn more about the little red symbol you see on the lower right of this milk packaging. Where else have you seen this symbol; in your refrigerator and while grocery shopping? I also wrote about the real seal here.

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