Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Farmer Takes A Wife

As a child, I often played "The Farmer In the Dell." We all stood in a circle, sang the song, and anxiously waited to see who would be chosen as the wife, child, dog, cat, and on and on. This past weekend I witnessed the real-life "Farmer In The Dell" as Aaren (the farmer) chose Dena (my niece) as his wife. But although fun and games were included, this was serious business, as the farm boy from southern Minnesota married the city (o.k.- the town) girl.
Photo by Sheree
I'm thrilled that this farmer took this wife! At the reception Aaren shared a humorous story about when he knew Dena would make his perfect mate. It seems Aaren was fixing a barn door, dropped a screw in the manure, and without hesitation, Dena, the town girl, swooped down to pick it up. Ah, yes, true love will make you do almost anything, even things we may not have even considered before. But isn't that what marriage is all about- diving in, without hesitation, to make someone else happy, while making yourself just as happy? 
A farmer and his pick-up are rarely parted.
My advice to Dena, from one farm wife to another- 
  • Be patient. Remember when you want "date night", he has no control over when animals give birth.
  • Be understanding, even when he is late to meals. I'm guessing a piece of machinery broke down.
  • Be forgiving. Weather that is not conducive to farming can lead to a husband that says things he may not otherwise say, to you or aforementioned machinery.
  • Be gentle, when you nudge him awake after he dozes off on the sofa from a long, hard day of doing what he loves...farming, which provides both of you with the best life you can live. Welcome to farm life!

Special thanks to Larry, Dena's new father-in-law, who was seen promoting my blog by handing out my business cards at the wedding reception. 
 He's another proud farmer!

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