Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dear Diary, Here and There

August, 2013
Dear Diary,

Most of my days at the Minnesota State Fair begin here at the 4-H building where I judge some great demonstrations.
One of my favorite resting spots is the many band shells with free entertainment. Normally it's standing room only, but not when we are enjoying a 107 degree heat index! 
Thank goodness there is plenty of ice cold milk to keep us fair-goers refreshed on such hot days.
Fair-goers enjoyed the misting stations...
just as much as our hay fields appreciate the "misting" to produce a third crop of hay.
The fair will soon be over, but I always have the memories to remind me of what to look forward to next year. My tickets and malts MN State Fair giveaway winner, Randy K. W. is going to the fair today. I wonder what flavor of malt he will enjoy?
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