Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dear Diary, My State Of A-Fairs

 Friday, August 23, 2013
Dear Diary, 
Today was my first visit, for this year, to the Minnesota State Fair. As in years past, we drove to the local Park-n-Ride to catch the bus to take us to the fair. Since I'm not a fan of driving in traffic, nor do I get a thrill out of driving around the grounds looking for a parking spot, riding the bus is a blessing from above! Today I am joined by daughter Sara. 

Our day began with me judging 4-H demonstrations. I learned about pigeons, rabbits and chickens by some very knowledgeable 4-H'ers. After completing my judging session, it was time to hit our usual first stop, the butter head booth.
Princess Kay is always carved on the first day of the fair, so she is finished.
Each 90 pound block of butter waits in the rotating cooler to become a likeness of one of the Princess Kay finalists.
Princess Kay finalist Alydia Lee visits with a fair-goer while taking a break from the butter booth; dressed comfortably for the 40 degree temps in the booth, but pretty toasty for an 89 degree day outside the cooler.
Our friends Molly and Andy were at the fair too. Their son Finn especially loved the cows in the Miracle Of Birth Center. I believe a trip to our farm is coming soon so Finn can continue honing his skills on mooing.
I never could pass up a photo opportunity with a cow! You may not be able to take a cow home with you, but the good news is milk comes to your grocery store within 2 days of leaving our farm. So leave the cow-care to us, and enjoy the freshness of dairy.  

I'll be back to demonstration judge again on Sunday. Looking forward to new adventures. Until then, good night diary.

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