Wednesday, June 19, 2013

P Is For Price

I'm taking you on a journey from A to Z through the land of dairy! 
There's no need to pack your bags, just come along!
  P Is For Price
I like a good deal- a bargain. I'm quite certain it is hereditary. My grandma was the queen of discount shopping, my mom doesn't pay full price for anything, I love a good clearance sale, and daughter Sara always finds the good deals everywhere she shops. We all have acquired the "thrifty-gene." And why not? We work hard for our money. Doesn't everyone?
I think milk is one of the best bargains around. At about 25 cents a glass, milk is a nutritional bargain! Thinking back to N Is For Nine you know milk is packed with lots of essential nutrients, so why wouldn't you choose milk over other beverages that cost the same or more, and give you less?
Here are some other ways to stretch your "Dairy Dollar."
  • Buy milk by the gallon. It's less expensive, per ounce, than smaller containers.
  • Buy cheese in block form and shred it yourself. I buy 5 pound blocks and shred it, freeze it in small containers, and it's ready when I need it.
  • Buy low-fat, plain yogurt by the quart and flavor it with fresh fruit, granola, or nuts. Plain yogurt also works well as an ingredient for dips or sauces.
To learn more about dairy's nutritional value and get delicious dairy recipes, visit Dairy Makes Sense.
P Is also For Pinterest- Have you entered the  Midwest Dairy’s Dairy Farm PinTourist Contest yet? It features photos from our farm and some of my friends farms too. You could win a grocery gift card and a Midwest Dairy prize pack!
I am making a commitment to share as much as I can with you each day this month, about the life of our dairy farm family including what we do, how we share our passion for dairy, and dairy foods we enjoy.

 See you here tomorrow...Q is for Question.

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