Sunday, May 12, 2013

Shared Celebrations

I'm sure you have heard the saying, "the more the merrier." That seems to be the theme for this weekend. Let me explain. 

Saturday morning, Farmer John, daughter Sara and I headed south to Winona, Minnesota for Sara's graduation ceremony where she received her Master's degree in Literacy Education. John and I are so proud of her for striving to be the best English teacher she can be. Her 8th graders are lucky to have her!

Thanks God, for such an amazing daughter!
Saturday evening spaghetti, french bread, and fresh baked cookies, complete with cute chicken-patterned plates and napkins were delivered to my mom (and dad) for Mother's Day. What mom doesn't want a night off from cooking?

Thanks God, for such a great mom!
Oh yeah, did I mention it's my birthday too? Three celebrations in one day? Why not!

Thanks God, for my 29th...39th... Thanks God for another happy birthday!
Sunday brings another birthday as we celebrate the one year anniversary of the birth of My Barnyard View. My blog is growing from infant to toddler. I'm such a proud mama! Your comments, encouragement and questions is what keeps this adventure moving along. 

Thanks God, for my wonderful blog readers!
Since the theme of this weekend is "the more the merrier" I hope you will help me celebrate with a piece of Dairyman's Very Chocolate Cake. And a glass of milk, of course!

Now I've gotta run. We are celebrating Mother's Day with John's mom and grandma. Whew! All this partying can be exhausting. But I wouldn't change a thing.

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