Friday, May 3, 2013

I'm Not Kitten Around!

My name is Porter, one of the amazingly sweet cats from Bremer Farms. I asked Farmer Janet if I could tell the story of life on our farm, through the eyes of a feline. She said that would be great. She could use the time to CATch up on a few household chores.

We cats at Bremer Farms are treated so well, just like the other animals at Bremer Farms. We are all fed well and kept comfortable, no matter what the weather, or how busy Farmer John and the Farm family is. I searched through my CATalogue of photos so that my friends can help tell our story.

Hi! I'm Lucy, one of the mom cats. The Bremer's do such a great job keeping us cat or cow mommy's comfortable when we are about to give birth. We mom's get a dry, comfortable place to give birth. We are carefully watched before, during and after birthing to make sure everything goes well. Why, just the other day I saw Veterinarian Diane here on the farm helping deliver a calf that needed special care.

Hi from Haffa-Moustache, Mouser, and Itty-Bitty-Kitty. We are some of the Bremer Farm babies. We want you to know that the baby calves each get to live in clean, dry individual pens. They have ample space to move freely about. Living in individual pens lets the Farm family keep an eye on each of them to make sure they are healthy and cleaning their plates at meal time.

It's me, Nosey! Some of my cat cousins think I'm a pest. They say I'm always underfoot when the Farmer is caring for the CATtle. But I know I'm not a pest. Farmer John and Grandpa Roy always take time from their busy day to check on me and give me a little rub behind the ear. I think that's one of the reasons I like living here. The Bremer's love animals and love farming.

Thanks for letting us share the farm story from a feline's point-of-view. The kitty gang and I have to get busy.  Farming is serious business. 

I wonder if Farmer Janet is caught up on her household chores, or did she give-in to a CAT-nap?

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