Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Tiny Purple Jersey

"Hi, Flat Aggie here in Minnesota. If you read the previous post you know that I am visiting from California. I'm staying with Jan and her family, learning all about their family dairy farm so that when I return to California, I can share what I learned with Miss Sarah and her class of first graders. Please read on to see what I've learned so far."

"The family has a 120 cow dairy farm, just 20 minutes from St. Paul, Minnesota's capital city. The farm is right across the road from a golf course too! Jan farms with her husband John, daughter Sara, son Michael, and John's parents Roy and Karen. Jan, Sara, and Michael also have jobs away from the farm, so everyone has specific farm chores at different times of the day, but I'll talk more about that next time."

"Since today is Sunday their schedule is a little different. After morning milking and feeding, and attending church, it was family time. As you can see in this picture the family loves their Vikings football. Jan even made me a tiny Vikings football jersey! The family invited some of their family to watch the game too. We had lots to eat while cheering on the Vikings. I really liked the hot ham and cheese sandwiches, and the cheese curds, and the ice cream cake! Jan reminded me that we have the cows to thank for the milk they give us so we can have these yummy dairy foods."

"After the game, we all went to do our chores. I got to help feed calves and milk the cows. I'll send pictures soon. The family said they have to take care of the cows and calves everyday, even Sundays and holidays! The family works everyday, and they still love what they do!"