Saturday, November 17, 2012

Food For Thought

Thanksgiving celebrations center around food and family. But when all that's left of our family Thanksgiving feast is empty bowls, turkey bones, and full tummys, then what? At our family holiday festivities we go nuts over board games. Some of us play like we are the big cheese, or cool as a cucumber, while others find themselves in a pickle, but either way there's no sour grapes. It's always fun to end up being the top banana, but if not, oh well, that's the way the cookie crumbles. No use crying over spilt milk!

Here's some food for thought. Why not try this Dairy Trivia game on your family?

How many servings of dairy are recommended each day?
What percentage of dairy farms in the United States are family owned?
Which dairy product is proven to refuel tired muscles after physical activity?
How much milk does an average dairy cow produce per day?
How far away does a cow's sense of smell reach?
What is the approximate cost of milk per glass?
How many hours a day do most cows chew their cud? 
How many spots are identical on the average cow?

I'll post the Dairy Trivia answers on tomorrow's post. Let the games begin! 

To learn every thing from soup to nuts about dairy go to Midwest Dairy You may just find some answers to the Dairy Trivia!


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