Monday, September 17, 2012

Take a Hike, Mike!

Do you remember the weather during the month of June? Here at Bremer Farms we had eight days of over 90 degree heat and we had 20 days with rainfall. June was a somewhat crazy  month where the weather was concerned, but that is not where crazy ends. Bremer Farms spent the month of June preparing for celebrity status as we filmed "Take a Hike, Mike!" for our local cable TV station. Filming with the heat and the raindrops proved challenging, but fun.

Our son, Michael is in the third season of his show, "Take a Hike, Mike!" where he visits a local business, learns about it, and lends a helping hand. His goal is to educate the community on little-known businesses. So what better way to promote agriculture and dairy farming than to have Michael lend a helping hand at Bremer Farms. But don't let his lack of knowledge fool you. Actually, Michael farms every day besides working full time at Hastings Community TV, so he did a little "pretending" when John was teaching him about farming for this episode. And don't let the jokes fool you either. We take farming and caring for our land and animals very seriously, but who says we can't have a good laugh along the way?

Click here to view the video  Take a Hike, Mike! Bremer Farms Video 

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Bremer Farms! Autograph? Sure, I'd be happy to sign one for you!

Find Michael on facebook by searching "take a hike mike" to see some of his other adventures. 


  1. Glad to be the "home" for Take a Hike, Mike! Visit The Spool House to purchase Mike DVD sets and T-shirts.

  2. Season 3 DVD sets are coming soon!