Friday, June 1, 2012

When Cows Fly

I love to read; anything and everything, but my favorite books to share are about cows and farming.

"Help Wanted. Full-Time Cow. Experience Desirable. Apply In Person."
These lines are from one of my favorite childrens book, The Cow Who Wouldn't Come Down by Paul Brett Johnson. It tells the story of Gertrude, the flying cow, who reins in her ability to fly in order to keep her job as a milk cow.

When I'm not farming, my other job is teaching reading and math at our local elementary school to students that need a little extra help. I love this opportunity, but I also love Summer vacation as much as the students do. My hope is that the kids don't vacation from reading. Parents please read to them, read with them, and let them see you reading. It is time well spent.

Now back to Gertrude. I have never seen our cows fly. I'd like to believe that if they could fly, they would still choose to live on our farm and provide us with the refreshing, delicious, beverage they are known for.

Milk, cookies, and a good book. Ah, summer.

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