Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our Pat on the Back

 L-R, Roy and Karen Bremer, Commissioner Schouweiler, John, Michael, Sara and Janet Bremer Back row- Dakota County Commissioners
Everyone enjoys an acknowledgement of a job well done. Farmers are no different. Our "pat on the back" came on Tuesday of this week when we received the 2012 Farm Family of the Year award given by the University Of Minnesota. The Farm Family recognition program has existed for three decades and honors several farm families throughout Minnesota for their contributions to the agriculture industry and their communities. The presentation was made at the Dakota County Board of Commissioners meeting. After thanking the University and the Commissioners for this honor and their continued support of the agriculture industry, we concluded by saying- Farming can be a rewarding as well as challenging occupation. As a Farm Family we have done a lot of hard work to make our farm successful. We are a proud Farm Family that cares for, and respects our animals and our land. Lastly, in the spirit of June Dairy Month, we presented each attendee with a "3 Every Day" pen and an "I Met a Dairy Farmer!" sticker, which the County Attorney assured us he would proudly show everyone at the meeting he was going to. A perfect compliment to June Dairy Month!


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    1. Thanks! Maybe you and your family can raise a glass of milk and toast Bremer Farms!

  2. This is really cool. You are such an accomplished family!!!!!!