Thursday, June 15, 2017

'Atta Boy Dairy Farmers!

Don't we all appreciate a pat on the back once in a while?
 Isn't it exciting when your boss says, "Great job!" Or how about "Thanks Mom, dinner was great!" from your kids. We all like to be thanked and appreciated, and recently one of our local bankers gave dairy farmers an 'atta boy!

Frandsen Bank & Trust in Hastings, Minnesota said "Thank you dairy farmers" in celebration of June Dairy Month.  They realize the impact dairy farmers have on our community. 

Dairy farmers purchase machinery, trucks, fuel, and more from local companies. This creates jobs and produces revenue for our area. Dairy farming requires a large investment in land, buildings, equipment, and feed for the animals, so many farmers know their banker very well  :)

Only 2% of the United States population has a connection to farming, so events like this are important for folks to connect with the agriculture community. Thanks to Laura Stiles, local dairy princess, for greeting visitors and treating them to ice cream. Also, thanks to Sorg Farms for bringing Norman (the calf) to visit. And a HUGE thanks to Frandsen Bank!

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