Thursday, June 23, 2016

P Is For Planting

Today I am taking a little step back in time to June 2nd. That was the final day of corn planting 2016. Earlier in Spring I shared that I planted for the first time in our nearly 33 years of marriage. I planted alfalfa, oats, peas and barley (isn't there a song title in there somewhere?) 

In typical Farmer John fashion, he spoiled me again. No, he didn't wash the tractor windows this time, but he did fill the planter.

  We finished our planting season by planting silage corn. We plant this corn last because it is not necessary for it to be fully mature before harvest.

 We want the corn kernels to be mature, but not hard. This corn is cut at ground level because we feed the entire plant.

This was my view as I planted. The dark "stripes" are used to follow as I plant. This helps to plant straight rows too, as long as my first row is straight!

 This is the marker. It makes the dark "stripes" I just mentioned. There is one attached to each side of the planter. Newer, larger planters use GPS to dictate where to plant. Since our equipment is smaller, and older, we use the marker system.

 This is what I see behind me. The yellow tank is applying liquid fertilizer as I plant. I am planting six rows at a time.

The weather has been perfect for growing corn. It seemed like as I was finishing the field, the first row of plants were already popping their heads through the soil. Well, maybe not quite that quick.  :)

See you tomorrow! Until then, celebrate June Dairy Month
by taking the #Dairy3ForMe Pledge.

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