Sunday, June 5, 2016

D Is For Dairy3ForMe

Dear Students of Fair Oaks Elementary,
        Thank you for inviting me to come to your school to talk about what I do as a dairy farmer. I love talking about our farm and our cows. It was exciting to share my dairy story with 437 students and teachers!

     It was fun to tell you about my crazy family and how all of us, except Farmer John, work away from the farm as well. I hope you enjoyed hearing the story about Toby Gerhart of the Minnesota Vikings when he spent the day working on our farm!

     You were such a well behaved audience. I could tell you were really listening to my story. It makes me happy to know you want to learn about where milk comes from and how it gets to your school and grocery store.

      I thought it was really fun when we did the milk song, because you were so enthusiastic! Did your hands hurt after clapping so fast? 

    Thanks for completing the pledge cards I sent to your school. Your teachers did a great job of explaining that to stay healthy we should eat 3 servings of milk, cheese, or yogurt each day. 

     I thought it was really cool how many of you earned a reward of smoothies for being respectful, caring students! And how great that the yummy Strawberry-Peach Smoothies were prepared by the  Fuel Up To Play 60 team!

     Thanks to the FUTP60 team for everything you have done this school year to help keep your school active and eating right. And a special thanks to Mrs. Wetzel for being your advisor and helping with all the great activities you have completed this year.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy summer! 
Mrs. Bremer

Have you pledged to have your Dairy 3ForMe like the kids and teachers of Fair Oaks Elementary? 
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See you tomorrow!

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