Saturday, April 2, 2016

Hay, It's A Date

Hay, It's a date!
Okay, before you go all "spelling police" on me, I know I spelled hay wrong. I know it should be hey, but there is a reason for my spelling error.

I love Farmer John, and I love spending time with him. We spend a lot of time together each day on the farm, but time together away from the farm is a lot less frequent. So when John invited me to ride along to pick up our seed order, I considered it a date and hopped in the pick-up!

Our first stop was the Stein Haus, a local bar/restaurant with delicious food and friendly servers. Our fish dinners were yummy. It's a perfect lunch spot for a farmer and his wife  who are dressed in their clean, but patched, barn clothes. 

Then it was off to Werner Farm Seed where we stood among rows and rows and stacks and stacks of  all kinds of seeds. There were two buildings full of seed bags packed nearly to the ceiling. We were literally standing in a gold mine, with thousands of dollars of seeds surrounding us.

We first loaded the peas and barley mix. We purchased 20, 50 pound  bags. The barley and peas are a fast growing crop and will be ready to feed to our cows in early June.  You can learn more by reading Pass The Peas Please.

 We next moved on to the alfalfa shed. Alfalfa (hay) can typically be harvested for 3-5 years, but each year we plant a few new fields so we constantly have new crops just beginning. Every animal on Bremer Farms gets hay every single day, so we use a lot!

So what does all this seed cost? 

Now we patiently wait for the weather to warm so we can begin preparing the soil for planting. I will be helping with much of the planting this year, so soon I'll be inviting you to go on a "ride-along." Perhaps in the mean time, Farmer John and I will fit in a few more dates...John?...Dear?

 This may not have been the kind of date you were expecting, but if you are the wife of a farmer, I'll bet your dates are similar. Am I right ladies?

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